Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pavati Marine Drift Boats

Pavati Drift Boats are filled with incredible ideas like our patented doors for easy entry, patented adjustable seat systems - easily re-arrange your seats for fly fishing or bait & tackle fishing, all-level floors for painless standing, proven easiest to row hull designs, plus we're the lightest drift boat on the market.

Patent Pending "Wave Cutter" bow. Your traditional old-school drift boats have a blunt bow. When you hit a good sized curler you smack into it, splashing water in the air. Your drift boat will even stall. That's when you and river are put to the test. Who is stronger, you or the river.

PAVATI's high performance "Wave Cutter" bow is sharper, pierces waves and rollers like a hot knife through butter. This keeps the boat going the direction you want it to go. Stop getting pushed around!

Plus, the PAVATI "Wave Cutter" bow forces water away from the drift boat, keeping your passengers dry.

New, patent pending, honey-comb rib sub floor, (similar to airplane wings) stronger - lighter. Comes with our (front to rear) level deck, (way easier to stand in) and the floors are Velcro attached so you can take them out for easy cleaning!

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